Quality Of Sleep Is More Important Than Quantity

Quality Of Sleep Is More Important Than Quantity

Daniel Day Lewis won a BAFTA for best actor for his portrayal of Abraham Lincoln (the 16th President of the United States). He is also favourite to get the Oscar for his performance as well.

What many people don’t know is that Lincoln suffered heavily from insomnia. How can someone who had such a powerful impact as a leader perform so well for so long whilst suffering from insomnia you may be asking. There have been suggestions that although he didn’t manage to sleep for long each night when he did sleep it was of a deeper level. It’s reaching that deeper level where the real benefit of sleep is most felt. This is where the idea of Quality Of Sleep Is More Important Than Quantity comes in.

So what do we mean by depth of sleep. ‍There are around 4 cycles that can occur during sleep and each has its own rhythm and changes in brain activity. Scientists have been able to deduce this by using a tool called the electroencephalograph (EEG) to record a person’s brain waves. Brain activity can be analysed in many different ways. One way of analysing it is by frequency level. The four main frequency bands are (in order of highest to lowest) Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta.

Beta waves – is our normal state of alertness, otherwise known as full consciousness

Alpha waves – associated with light relaxation

Theta waves – associated with deep relaxation, meditation, increased memory and focus.

Delta waves – associated with deep sleep and increased immune functions

Different patterns indicate different mental states. As you are fully awake beta waves are associated with physical activities.

Those of us that have a good nights sleep easily drift from a beta state to a delta state. Those that suffer from insomnia rarely (or for not very long) reach the levels of Theta let alone Delta.

However there are safe ways to facilitate the brainwave activity from Beta all the ay down to Delta. This is a field called Brain entrainment. Sleepora has bespoke brain entrainment technology (in tandem with other exercises and approaches) to help facilitate people a natural deep sleep state.  The other approaches (such as NLP) help to make this habitual for a person so that they can get back into balance naturally and the changes are longer lasting.

Studies have shown that having specific types of exposure to certain frequencies is better at assisting different mind states. A good example is that we now know that someone in a theta state for 25 – 30 minute can replace around 2 to 3 hours work of sleep. Insomnia can be reduced if people are in Theta for around ten minutes and in Delta for twenty to thirty minutes.

So you can start to see how a natural, non medicinal approach to have long term benefits of alleviating insomnia.

It is  designed and packaged in a way which allows flexibility in dealing with your individual insomnia conditions.

Quality Of Sleep Is More Important Than Quantity

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