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“This is one of the better sleep programs that I have seen as it provides many solutions and doesn’t focus on one area like meditation, hypnosis, or white noise. It’s a comprehensive sleep program that some might find worthy of exploring”.

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The key components of Sleepora are brain entrainment, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and neuroscience. Research over many years has proved brain entrainment is a safe way of reducing and helping to eliminate insomnia. NLP has been used successfully for nearly 40 years in treating tens of thousands of clients who have suffered from stress and anxiety.

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Curing Insomnia Long Term Depends Heavily On The Unconscious Mind

There is a range of research to support NLP, Brain Entrainment, Binaural Beats, Isochronic Beats in the reduction of stress, anxiety, sleeplessness and insomnia.

Regarding Sleepora itself while in beta testing a small sample group tested out the program.  From their feedback we iteratively refined the program to make it the best possible. All these people had problems sleeping in one shape or another suffering from sleep deprivation and needed help with sleep.

We also conducted our own research survey (filled in by over 100 people suffering from stress, sleeplessness and insomnia) to find out more about the insomnia marketplace (from a consumers perspective).  Some of those key findings have been fed into the program. One of the key insights from this was 36.6%  had tried medication yet they still had the underlying symptoms of insomnia. This helped back up our view that sleeping pills can no longer be seen as a long term solution to insomnia and many other sleep disorders. It solidified our view that many people were looking for a more natural ,yet still effective, approach to helping more people get a better quality of sleep.

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The Sleepora evidence includes NLP research, NLP evidence, brain entrainment evidence, and brain entrainment research.

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