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Sleepora FAQ

  • Is Sleepora designed to treat any specific medical condition?

    If you have any concerns that you have a medical condition we suggest that you contact your doctor. Sleepora is designed to deal with insomnia and sleep quality issues, it is not a substitute for visiting your doctor if you believe the route cause of you sleep condition is due to some medical condition that you might have.

  • Will I be able to track my progress within the program?

    Yes. You will be able to track via the Sleepora app how you are progressing. it is set up to track weekly however there is the ability within the program to amend the intervals if you so wish.

  • What are the Sleepora exercises like?

    Each exercises is different and designed around a period of the day and to help you make behavioural change dependent on what you are doing (or want to do). For example there are simple exercises to help you get more energized the during the day, exercises to help with anxiety, exercises to relax you , exercises to help you fall more naturally to sleep, etc. The idea being to get you back into balance with your natural sleep (and daily ) cycles.  The exercises are of course synced (linked up) with specific brain entrainment audio to make them even more effective. There is an example of one of the exercises in the free Introductory ebook .

  • Who can benefit from Sleepora ?

    Everyone so long as you are above age 18 and is not suffering from epilepsy or  wearing a heart pacemaker. You should also not be pregnant.  In general, those who suffer from stress, anxiety or insomnia who do not fall into the three categories above will be able to benefit from Sleepora.

  • How do I know Sleepora works?

    Sleepora is based on brain entrainment and NLP. Both on their own have been used to great effect in either helping to reduce anxiety, helping people get to sleep and make behavioural change at a deeper and more fiundamental level. When you combine them together into a program which is flexible around an individuals circumstances then you increase your success rate. On top of this all the many NLP exercises are specifically designed around tackling anxiety and insomnia in some of the various guises that they might appear.

    You can never guarantee anything 100% (even with the sit back and pop a pill approach). What we can say is that we’ve designed Sleepora to the highest standards based on the key strengths of both brain entrainment and NLP.

  • How long is the Sleepora program?

    From our research we have designed the program to be around 6 weeks long. You may well notice huge changes well before this date however we recommend that you look to do it over 6 weeks so that changes reach a deeper (more subconscious ) level thus helping to prevent your insomnia reoccurring. You also have the benefit that once you buy the program it’s yours forever so you can carry on the program after the 6 weeks period if you so wish and do it in a time frame that suits your individual needs.

  • Can I do the Sleepora program if I’m on medication?

    It’s unlikely to be a problem, however, if you are on medication, as with all things medical, we’d recommend speaking to your doctor before using the program.

  • How long will I need to go on the program before I start getting benefits?

    No two people are alike, so your results may well vary. Many people start to see changes in the first few days, some may have dramatic experiences from the first night onwards. The bulk of test cases demonstrate that for most who followed the program as instructed it usually tends to bring changes which they can notice within two weeks. You can track your progress in the Sleepora system.

  • Do you have to use the audio the exercises for it to be effective?

    Both brain entrainment (and to a slightly lesser extent directly NLP techniques and patterns) can be used separately to help reduce the symptoms of insomnia. The program has been designed so that both are used together for maximum effect. We strongly recommend this. That being said there is nothing to stop people just listening to the audio and doing the exercises separately in tandem with their regular program.

  • Why is Sleepora’s brain entrainment audio so special?

    Our brain entrainment audio includes both binaural beats and isochronic tones. Unlike many others the audio is not looped and the shorter (2-3 minutes) up to the longer versions use specially designed audio techniques to enhance the benefits. This adds to the impact of the audio. Also each piece of audio has been created to be used for specific times of the day / activities and of course to match certain NLP based exercises.

  • How long does it take to do each exercise?

    There are numerous simple and straightforward exercises. The shorter exercises can normally be done in 3 -4 minutes and the longer ones are around 15 minutes in duration. However the more you do the exercises (and get used to the steps) the quicker people tend to get at them. That being said you take the exercises at  your own pace and as long as you follow the steps as laid out that is the main thing.

  • How long is each piece of brain entrainment audio?

    There are many hours of bespoke brain entrainment audio in the Sleepora program. The shortest is around 2-3 minutes in length and the longest around 6 hours up to 9 hours (if used in succession through the night and dependent on your personal sleep needs).

  • What are Circadian Rhythms?

    A persons circadian rhythm is otherwise known as their ‘internal body clock’ that regulates the (approximately) 24 hour cycle of biological processes in animals and plants. The word circadian comes from Latin words which literally mean ‘around the day’.

  • Is Brain Entrainment Safe?

    Absolutely. It has been used for decades (in less sophisticated forms) and has been likened to helping people get to a deep meditative state. For those of you who have done any meditation or deep relaxation exercises you will be familiar with the feeling that you get once you start using our audio.

  • Will I be hypnotized by using brain entrainment?

    There is no hypnosis or subliminal messages in brain entrainment.  However, it can make you very relaxed and sleepy therefore brain entrainment should not be listened to when driving, operating dangerous machinery, or doing anything where a lapse of concentration could cause an accident.

  • Do I have to use the sleep cycle exactly as it is in my plan?

    We’d recommend following the plans as closely as possible, however, it’s not essential that you sleep exactly in line with the sleep cycle in your plan or even stay in bed for the exact period.  The sleep cycles you choose (and can tailor to fit your personal schedule) are there to assist and encourage your sleep based on common, modern day sleep patterns and circadian rhythms.  Everyone is different and we’d recommend you to try to listen and adhere to the natural patterns of your body which can even vary day to day depending on how (particularly physically) active you are during the day.  So if you wake up before the full sleep cycle is complete and do not drift back to sleep we’d suggest you to wake up and start your day even if it’s very early.  When aiming to get back into natural sleep patterns it can sometimes help to shorten your time in bed.  In other words it’s not always beneficial to be in bed if you’re not sleeping.  At first you may feel additional tiredness during the day, but this tiredness may also start to bring on  sleepiness at the end of the day.   In addition, actual time needed for sleep differs for everyone so it’s best not to assume that the often quoted 7-8 hours is necessarily right for you. 

  • What does brain entrainment audio sound like?

    There is no set sound which is typical of brain entrainment as it will vary (for example) if you have binaural beats, isochronic tones, etc.). However we have an example of binaural beats which we’ve created specifically for this website to give you a taster. It’s not part of the official Sleepora program but will give you an idea of the benefits you can get from listening to brain entrainment .

  • Why is the Sleepora Program within a mobile App?

    In designing Sleepora we considered carefully the best format for the program so it could be the most useful tool on the market to help people anywhere and any time with their personal sleep and stress problems.  We chose the app format because it provided the best way to achieve this, but it’s far more than just a typical sleep or brain entrainment app.  Sleepora is an extensive program combining exercises, brain entrainment, nlp and neuroscience to create a powerful tool to help people sleep better.

  • Is Sleepora available on the Windows 8 platform?

    Sleepora is currently available on iOS through the itunes appstore, however Android and Windows 8 versions are scheduled for release soon after.  You can register your interest on the availability, formats and platforms for Sleepora via our format poll here.

  • Is Sleepora available on the Android platform?

    Sleepora is available on iOS through the itunes appstore, however Android and Windows 8 versions are scheduled for release soon after.  You can register your interest on the availability, formats and platforms for Sleepora via our format poll here.

  • What do I need to access Sleepora?

    The Sleepora program has been designed and packaged in an easy to use app so that it’s convienient to use at any time and anywhere.   Currently to use the program you will need a compatible smartphone.  We are aiming to make the app as widely available on as many mobile and tablets as possible so please check HERE to see availability.

    If you have a smartphone all you need to do is to click the large green button (labelled Buy Sleepora now) and you then just need to follow the simple steps to access the app.   If for any reason the way you would like to access the app is not available, please contact us using the link below and let us know what format you would like to access the program and we’ll try to help make this available where possible.

    Contact Us

  • Once I pay can I only use Sleepora for a limited period?

    No. Once you pay Sleepora is yours to keep forever. There is no licence period involved. We’ve done this so that as well as helping directly with insomnia and sleep issues there are a number of exercises and audio specifically designed around helping to reduce anxiety. So going forwards you can also use Sleepora during periods when you are faced with increased levels of stress and anxiety to help reduce the detrimental symptoms associated with those conditions.

  • How much does Sleepora Cost?

    The full comprehensive program is currently only £39.99 ($59.99).  To find out more and purchase Sleepora view the Sleepora Program Pricing