What is mobile health ?

Mobile health (sometimes called m-health or mhealth) means essentially using mobile devices to assist people with their health and wellbeing. These range from the ubiquitous small apps which give helpful health and wellbeing advice,to healthcare provider schemes where doctors can track and monitor patients various vital statistics via  mobile devices. sleepora sits in the middle of this spectrum in that it is more comprehensive than a normal wellbeing app (people can track their progress in the program) however there are no pieces of information such as confidential medical or health records needed.

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Why is mobile health growing?

Many have said that the future of healthcare worldwide is based on a new approach. The approach being that patients themselves take more accountability of prevention (and indeed remedy) of less serious conditions such as . That leaves the medical professionals more time to focus on the more serious ailments and conditions. With a larger number (and %) of populations in the 65+ age group this becomes more and more important. in terms of cost and time that healthcare providers have to focus their attention on. If the population have more tools (including apps) which can make their life easier , more comfortable and of a better quality (from a wellbeing standpoint) they will (relatively speaking ) need to spend less time in hospital waiting rooms.

What is ehealth?

Basically ehealth is using a digital device to help with peoples health and wellbeing. It is similar to mhealth however it also includes web based instead of just mobile devices.

Both mobile health (mhealth) and ehealth put the individual at the centre of their well being. One of the main reasons why Sleepora is currently accessed via a comprehensive app is that it allows the flexibility to work around peoples own lifestyles. This is important as people are less like (or indeed able) to follow a program if they can’t access , or use it when needed.

Sleepora allows you to track your progress as well as giving you the program (audio , exercises, comprehensive ebook, etc.) all via its bespoke App.

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