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Brain Entrainment Is Safe, Effective & Easy To Use

Sleepora Brain EntrainmentBrain entrainment has been used to help cure insomnia for a number of years. However new developments, knowledge and advances in techniques have now made it even more effective.

Brain entrainment is safe, effective and easy to use. It’s completely natural and can be considered a very advanced form of relaxing audio.

Brainwave entrainment involves exposing the brain to repetitive stimulus such as a sound of a certain frequency. Thanks to a natural phenomenon known as the ‘frequency following response’, the brain will tend to match – or entrain to – this frequency. Since the production of brainwaves of specific frequencies are associated with different states of consciousness and particular abilities, brain entrainment offers an effective way to tap into these various states with relative ease. In other words it will help you be able to get to sleep much easier. So why don’t people jut listen to a normal relaxing audio (for example) to get down to Delta, or deep sleep, states (around 1 – 3 Hertz) or Theta levels 4- 7 Hertz. Well our ears can only typically hear between 20 and 20,000 Hz so if we can’t naturally fall into Delta stages of sleep we need some assistance.

An ingenious German experimenter H.W. Dove way back in 1839 had a solution. If you played two coherent sounds of similar frequencies into each ear (using headphones) could be made to produce a third “Binaural beat” at the required frequency. So if have one frequency of say 350 Hertz and another of 354 Hertz inside your head, the difference between the two tones is realized and a third “Binaural beat “of 4 Hertz is produced. This is equal to Theta (deep relaxation) levels and thus helps to induce sleep.

Binaural beats are completely safe and have been around in various guises for almost 70 years. However these days the technology is a lot more sophisticated (leading to even better results).

Here are some tips for getting the best out of using binaural beats

Tip#1 – Use a high quality recording

It is very important to use quality binaural beats, otherwise you probably won’t get very good results. The popularity of binaural beats means that there’s a huge variety of recordings to choose from, both in digital download and CD formats. Sleepora have designed some of the most advanced and sophisticated versions of binaural beats available.

Tip #2 — Listen at the same time every day

Firstly, it’s very helpful to establish a consistent routine for using your binaural recordings. If possible, you should make the effort to listen at the same time every day. By doing this, your mind will come to recognise that it’s time to practice, and will more readily fall into a meditative state.

Tip#3 – Use good quality headphones

It’s necessary to use headphones when listening to binaural tracks, otherwise they won’t be effective. Although you don’t need super-expensive headphones, it’s good to buy a pair that have good quality sound, and which are comfortable to wear. You don’t want your headphones to interfere with your practice sessions because they’re too tight or sound horrible. A litmus test is if you listen to headphones on your MP3 player and you get good stereo sound in each ear these are ideal.

Sleepora includes specially written brain entrainment programs, some of the most tried and tested NLP techniques, neuroscience principles plus the latest thinking in tackling insomnia. It is designed around your individual needs so is flexible enough to cater to your own insomnia issues. This ensures that the changes made to sleeping patterns are not only effective but also longer lasting.

Sleepora is designed and packaged in a way which allows flexibility in dealing with your individual insomnia conditions.

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