App Program Walk Through

Sleepora is a unique program designed to help people to RELAX , REDUCE ANXIETY, STRESS AND SLEEP BETTER. This video provides a simple walk through of the app program.


The natural way of reducing stress and eliminating insomnia    About: The key components of Sleepora are brain entrainment ,Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and neuroscience Sleepora is the new, natural and interactive way of reducing stress, anxiety and helping to eliminate insomnia.   This may sound too good to be true.  However, advancements in technology and research have helped create new opportunities for increased benefits. We’ve seen this in many other areas from engineering to communications, where new, improved solutions to established problems become available. For those that buy and use Sleepora, you’ll find it a simple and active experience, giving […]

Stress & Anxiety

   There are many causes of insomnia.  However, research shows that the biggest single cause is stress and anxiety. The Sleepora program includes over ten exercises which can be used to help reduce stress and anxiety, plus each one is accompanied by bespoke brain entrainment audio developed exclusively for Sleepora.  This resource can be used as a separate module within the program and individually the specific exercises and brain entrainment can help to reduce anxiety and stress.  However, we’d recommend that you use them together as they are even more effective.  While the Sleepora program was developed to address insomnia […]