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Anthony Barrett BSc (Hons), MCIM, MNLP, Dip BC

Sleep and NLP Expert - Anthony Barrett - People Power - SleeporaA NLP Trainer, NLP Master Practitioner, and NLP Coach, Anthony first became interested in how the mind and body affected each other when he passed the various exams (IQ tests) and was accepted as a member of MENSA in 2001.

This built on his interest in tai chi (health and wellbeing) which he’d had from his late teens. This interest later evolved into areas such as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), coaching and personal development. This journey has led to today where Anthony is an NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer, as well as a certified NLP Master Coach.

Prior to becoming an NLP coach, Anthony held Director Level positions for a number of leading Media agencies in London. These agencies included global media agencies such as Mindshare, MPG and Starcom Mediavest.  During his time there he worked with clients including Unilever, Motorola, Lufthansa, More Than, Kellogg’s, and First Direct amongst others.

“Helping to develop the Sleepora Program has been a great experience.  Being involved in something which is a truly comprehensive, useful and effective sleep aid has been a real privilege. Combining the use of NLP with brain entrainment and neuro science has proved an excellent way to enhance the benefits of each individual resource for people. It’s fantastic to be able to offer help to so many people through the Sleepora app program”. 

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Sleepora Creator | Co-Program Developer | Co-Author

Neill David Watson BSc (Hons)

Neill Watson - The Lean Exec - CNN - PeopleNeill Watson is an entrepreneur with a background in content creation, technology and is an experienced professional audio producer having produced professional tracks for companies including Warner Music and Disney.  As MD of a content creation and distribution company, then later Virgin Money Plc juggling international projects, partners, a busy work schedule with family life; Neill has also experienced sleep challenges in the past.

In creating the project Neill was looking to design a product that would combine the benefits of audio brain entrainment, mindfulness and NLP into an effective sleep solution that would work for him and others in reducing and eradicating stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, and insomnia.  Since creating and developing Sleepora with Anthony Barrett and applying many of the techniques found within the program, Neill has seen dramatic improvements in both his quality of sleep and energy levels during the day.

Neill is also a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer and the author of The Lean Exec.  A book based on his journey back to fitness and designed to help and simplify the back to athletic fitness process for people with busy lives and careers.

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“Since researching, developing and applying the techniques found within the Sleepora program I’ve gone from years of feeling tired and groggy through the day on 7-8 hours of broken, unsettled sleep  to an average of 6  hours of high quality sleep per night.   It’s been great as it’s given me more energy for work and regular exercise.  I’ve lost weight, feel better all round and I’m actually spending less time in bed!” 

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Sleepora is a sleep aid combining NLP, Brain Entrainment and Neuroscience developed by an NLP coach, content and audio expert.

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