Elite Sport Testimonials

Phil Greening “I haven’t completed the 6 weeks yet but am loving it. So many different aspects to it and love the simple plans.   I’m a big follower and believer in NLP so this makes sense to me.  Sleep is a vital aspect of a players regeneration to assist his performance so I also recommend good sleep techniques to my players & athletes”  – Phil Greening , Elite Rugby Coach and Former England Rugby Union Player



 “I found it managed to help me become more focused and my sleep has improved after I customised the routine to be able to fit in with my training. I am still using it now and have found once you get into a routine with it I feel a big difference. I would recommend it to anyone looking to improve the small percentages in themselves to increase performance.”  – James Tyas, Professional Rugby Player

 “I have enjoyed reading the eBook and began the process of setting the outcomes and goals. I’m interested in completing the whole system as it was designed.  I really like the concept of Sleepora” .  – Lex Albrecht, International Pro Cyclist (Canadian National Cycling Team)


“This is one of the better sleep apps that I have seen available as it provides many solutions and doesn’t focus on one area like meditation, hypnosis, or white noise. It’s a comprehensive sleep program that some might find worthy of exploring”. – Read more of this review: 148Apps

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BETA Testing

The Sleepora app program was in beta testing for many months. The beta testing included a sample group who all had sleep problems. We thank them for their feedback as that has been invaluable in helping to iteratively refine the Sleepora app program to what it is today.

The principles and content of the Sleepora program we knew would work. It was getting it work in a way which people could easily follow which was one of our big hurdles.

We especially appreciate their feedback on the look, feel, ease of use and functionality of the App.  Please provide feedback via the following channels:   Contact Us  | Format Poll | Facebook

Below are just a small selection of those that took part in the beta testing.

“Sleepora has changed my life. I was tired all the time and dreaded the long sleepless nights, now I have more energy during the day and actually look forward to going to bed”.  – Pauline, Brentwood, Essex, UK

“With work pressures and family life I was letting stress get the better of me.  Since using the Sleepora program I’m now more relaxed and am exercising a lot more.  I feel much better.  The program is great and I’d highly recommended it for anyone having stress or trouble sleeping”. – Javier, Madrid, Spain

“I have a busy job and often work long days.  I was struggling to switch off and sleep at night.  I tried the Sleepora system for the first time just over a month ago and I’m now  getting regular quality sleep and feel so much better for it”.  I was amazed how quickly it started to benefit”.  Ian, Islington, London, UK

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