From January 2014 Sleepora has been taken up by Olympians, professional cyclists, footballers, rugby players (of both codes), elite strength & conditioning coaches and triathletes in the USA and UK.

“…loving it. So many different aspects to it and love the simple plans”

Phil Greening, Elite Coach & Former England Rugby Player

Phil Greening - Elite Coach & Former England Rugby Union Player

Sport at whatever level (be it elite or recreational) is partially about finding new and innovative ways of improving your current performance levels.

One of the key areas of  sport is about performing at your optimum to achieve your goals. Sport science and sports psychology have made huge strides over the last few decades. However there is one area of performance that has only relatively recently been explored and exploited. This area is improving the quality of your sleep (or recovery period).



Training | Nutrition | Sleep = High Level Sporting Performance

The Sleepora program includes a plan designed specifically for elite and high performance athletes.  

Sleepora Sport Plan | High Performance

Sleepora has started to be used by elite players in rugby union and football (soccer). However as you can see as it’s based on improving the quality of peoples sleep (and therefore recovery) it can be used in pretty much any sport.  In addition Sleepora has a specific program for those that do a large amount of sport. So it is perfect for sports people. There is no other sleep recovery solution like this designed specifically for people wanting to improve their sports performance.

There have been extensive studies on the importance of sleep regarding sports performance – View Evidence >>

 “I have enjoyed reading the eBook and began the process of setting the outcomes and goals. I’m interested in completing the whole system as it was designed. I really like the concept of Sleepora”

Lex Albrecht, International pro cyclist


Sports Stars Average Sleeping TimeSource: Sleep scientist Cheri Mah (2011)

Cumulative sleep deprivation has been shown to reduce cardiovascular performance, to impair information processing (an athlete may fail to recall tactics or struggle to make effective decisions) and to affect emotional stability.

Even minimal levels of sleep loss can cause an increased perception of effort. Sleep deprived athletes will feel more fatigued and probably will not be in the type of mental state needed for a top performance.

So it’s importance is well established. However in the past the focus has been on quantity not quality of sleep. It’s the quality of sleep which is the real key. Having just quantity of sleep can be a false economy.

Chances are that if you wake up and are not ready to hit the ground running then you have had a less than optimum sleep. This will have a knock on effect on your training, performance, etc. It is a myth that you need much time after waking up to be alert, ready and fully functioning.

What is not well established is how to get people to regularly get quality levels of sleep. This is especially important the more physical exertion you expend during the day so that you can recover adequately.

Sport science and psychology cover training. There are numerous sources of information and gurus about the best nutrition (or fuel) for the body. Over the last 4 – 5 years there has been numerous pieces of research across [numerous sports] about the importance of sleep. These numerous pieces of research have shown that understanding and improving your quality of sleep is where the real step change in performance can be made.  Sport at the highest level is about fine margins, getting that slight percentage increase over your competitors. Looking at ways to improve your sleep is an opportunity that the world of sport has only relatively recently started to take advantage of.

Elite Sports Performance Going Forward

High Level Performance: Training | Nutrition | Sleep

Sleepora has a sports program which you can customize around your particular training cycles, competition, schedule, events, etc. In this way it is bespoke to every athlete and indeed every sporting discipline.  If you want to improve your sporting performance get Sleepora today. 

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