Brainwave Levels: BETA | ALPHA | THETA | DELTA

Levels of Consciousness

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Beta, Alpha , Theta, Delta Waves

For a good sleeper their brainwave activity naturally changes throughout the day.  From when they wake up their brain wave activity increases and in the evening /night their brainwave activity drops until they are in deep sleep and reach what is called the delta level.   The levels of consciousness (brainwave levels) that people go through during a day is impeded it may have an impact on sleep levels at night. In other words your ability to reach the level of brainwave activity for the particular tasks that you do during the day will not only impact your performance (in those areas) but may also have knock on effect on your quality.

Below is more insight into each of the brainwave levels :

Beta (13Hz – 25Hz) Alert and Fully awake

Beta brainwaves are the dominant brainwave most of us tend to find ourselves in. Anytime we are in conversation, using logic or reasoning, or any higher level cognitive functions we are functioning within the beta frequency.  While Beta is obviously important it is at this level where you tend to get increased levels of stress and anxiety.

Alpha (8 – 12Hz) Visualization Wave

Alpha brainwaves are typically accessed in deep relaxation or when you find yourself zoning out During daydreams, you are in the alpha state. Alpha tends to be the most productive wave for meditation and visualization.

Theta (4 – 7 Hz) Deep relaxation (Gateway wave)

Theta brainwaves are considered the gateway between the realm of your subconscious mind and your waking reality. This states is experienced typically twice per day. The first time it is experience is when you drift from alpha into sleep and again when you wake up from the delta frequency.

Delta (1 – 3 Hz) Deep Sleep

Delta is the frequency your brain enters while you are in deep dreamless sleep This is the level where your immune system gets to rejuvenate and allows your to fully prepare for the next day.

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