Curing Insomnia Long-Term Our unconscious mind plays a fundamental role in our health, wellbeing and in the changes that sustain them.

Curing Insomnia Long-Term (Unconscious Mind)

Curing Insomnia Long-Term (Unconscious Mind)Our unconscious mind plays a fundamental role in our health, wellbeing and in the changes that sustain them.

So what is the unconscious mind? It is often shrouded in mystery when talked about because as it’s name implies it is out of our conscious awareness. The world famous NLP Trainer and coach Joseph O’Connor sums up the unconscious mind very well and helps the make the intangible more tangible.

“NLP uses the word ‘unconscious to mean anything that is not in present-moment awareness. The unconscious is made up of all those mental processes that continue without our knowledge. The phrase ‘unconscious mind’ is a nominalization. The unconscious is not a thing, but a process.

It deals with all the deep life-sustaining functions and all the thought processes that break through into the conscious mind like bubbles bursting onto the surface of a pool. The conscious mind is what we are aware of, but, like the sea, it has hidden depths that support it.”

So what is the ‘unconscious mind’ responsible for? Well you’d be amazed at how important it is. Your memory is stored in your unconscious, it runs your body, your habits are formed at an unconscious level, it preserves the body (eg. gets it back into balance) and it runs the body. For example you don’t have to consciously tell your heart to beat, a wound to form a scab and heal, your sweat glands to activate when you are too hot or indeed for you to shiver if you are too cold.

Even those actions which you have some conscious control over are (such as breathing or blinking) are generally operated at an unconscious level. If we had to consciously (24 hours a day) think about our breathing, blinking and so on we would not have the mental bandwidth to be able to function properly in the world.

It is important to know that all lasting change takes place at an unconscious level that’s why Curing Insomnia Long-Term requires consideration of the Unconscious Mind. We become aware of the change consciously when we are ready. You may have begun to see how this impacts our sleep. In fact it has often been said that sleep itself is a shift in consciousness.

There are many approaches out there to help cure insomnia however most don’t address change at an unconscious level so their long term impact is patchy at best. This is proven by taking medication where a person consistently needs to take medication to deal with the problem.

This shows that the body has not returned to balance and resumed normal sleep patterns (without continued assistance). In other words it is the equivalent of putting continuous plasters on a wound that doesn’t heal as opposed to finding a way to get the  wound to heal properly and naturally. That’s not to say that medication is bad only that a natural, non-invasive solution in the long term is preferable.

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Article: Curing Insomnia Long-Term (Unconscious Mind)

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