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What Is Sleepora?


1.Sleepora is a unique program designed to help people to relax , reduce anxiety,  stress and sleep better. .

2.The comprehensive program combines Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) ,  Neuroscience, and uniquely designed Brain Entrainment audio.

3.Designed to help people who suffer from insomnia and even light stress and sleep challenges to develop a lasting ability to reduce and eradicate the debilitating symptoms.

Sleepora Program




 Bespoke Sleepora infographic of an effective approach to overcoming insomnia:

Sleepora Infographic

Research On The Key Components Of Sleepora

There is a range of research to support NLP, Brain Entrainment, Binaural Beats, Isochronic Beats in the reduction of stress, anxiety, sleeplessness and insomnia.

Brain Entrainment>>

NLP Research Evidence>>

NLP Used In Healthcare>>

What Are The Key Benefits Of Sleepora?

  1. Your sleep cycle is improved – without sleeping pills or medication
  2. Gradual and naturally being able to drift off to sleep
  3. Regular, deep restful sleep
  4. Helps you get back into balance with your natural sleep cycle
  5. Stress, tension and anxiety reduction

Key Principles Underlying Sleepora

The background to and key principles of Sleepora are best illustrated in this short video :

Sleep WellSleepora provides a solution for the root cause of sleeplessness not just the symptoms: The original working title for Sleepora was ‘the 24hr sleep cycle’. The key focus being a flexible product that can be used throughout the day’s activities because insomnia is caused by an accumulation of issues and thought processes throughout the 24 hour day and not just before bedtime or when a person is trying to sleep. If you can tackle the problem at source during the day, as well as just before you try to go to sleep and during sleep, you have a much better chance of reducing and eliminating insomnia. Solutions in the past were and still are focused around the time just before bed or the sleep environment. We cover these in the Sleepora program however Sleepora is mainly about tackling the root cause so when it comes to bedtime this is less of an issue in the first place. In other words many solutions are about dealing with the symptoms of sleeplessness or insomnia. We deal with the symptoms and the root cause, thus not only alleviating the symptoms of insomnia but putting you back into balance with your normal sleep cycle which helps to stop the problems returning.  Most insomnia and solutions such as medicines, certain types of audio, etc. only work whilst you’re using them. So you have to keep using them to stop getting insomnia. This is not the case with Sleepora.


Click here to find answers to many of the questions that people have asked us about Sleepora >> FAQs

How Do I know Sleepora Works?

Sleepora has been designed to the highest standard using established sleep improvement techniques: Sleepora is based on brain entrainment and NLP. Both on their own have been used to great effect in either helping to reduce anxiety, helping people get to sleep and make behavioural change at a deeper and more fundamental level. When you combine them together into a program which is flexible around an individuals circumstances then you increase your success rate. On top of this all the many NLP exercises are specifically designed around tackling anxiety and insomnia in some of the various guises that they might appear. What we can say is that we’ve designed Sleepora to the highest standards based on the key strengths of both brain entrainment and NLP.

Sleepora Testing

Regarding Sleepora itself while in beta testing a small sample group tested out the program.  From their feedback we iteratively refined the program to make it the best possible. All these people had problems sleeping in one shape or another suffering from sleep deprivation and needed help with sleep.

We also conducted our own research survey (filled in by over 100 people suffering from stress, sleeplessness and insomnia) to find out more about the insomnia marketplace (from a consumers perspective).  Some of those key findings have been fed into the program. One of the key insights from this was 36.6%  had tried medication yet they still had the underlying symptoms of insomnia. This helped back up our view that sleeping pills can no longer be seen as a long term solution to insomnia and many other sleep disorders. It solidified our view that many people were looking for a more natural ,yet still effective, approach to helping more people get a better quality of sleep.

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To get your  patients/ readers to use Sleepora for free please CONTACT US >>