Brain Entrainment Research

   Click To Play Video: Brain Entrainment Is A Vital Link In Reducing Insomnia Levels 1) “A Comprehensive Review of the Psychological Effects of Brainwave Entrainment”, Tina L Huang, PHD, and Christine Charyton, PHD. This binaural beat research paper concisely summarises 20 previous peer-reviewed studies into the psychological effects of Brainwave Entrainment. The overall conclusion was that brainwave entrainment is an “effective therapeutic tool”. People suffering from cognitive functioning deficits, stress, pain, headaches & migraines, PMS and other behavioural problems all benefitted from using binaural beats. A sample quote from this paper: “The immediate psychological effects on memory, attention, stress, […]

Isochronic Tones

   What are Isochronic tones? Isochronic tones are tones that affect your brainwaves when you hear them. When your brain hears these tones it excites a part of your brain known as the thalamus. Once the thalamus is excited, your brain tries to duplicate the frequencies of the Isochronic tones. This is what changes your brainwaves and thought patterns and leads to brainwave entrainment. Isochronic tones are evenly spaced and turn on and off quickly. They differ from binaural beats in that they do not rely on the combination of two tones. The beat is created external to he person […]

Brain Entrainment

What is Brain Entrainment?    To understand brain entrainment it makes sense to first explain what brainwaves are. Put simply, brainwaves are patterns of electrical activity in the brain.  Our brain is like a electrical organ made up of billions of cells called neurons. Neurons fire electrical signals. As a result, the brain creates new neural pathways to connect both hemispheres of the brain. These electrical signals of the brain can be shown on EEG (electroencephalograph) monitors. They look like wave forms. Brain Entrainment is a vital link in reducing insomnia Click Play To Watch The Video: When the brain […]