InTech Health is a UK company developing Sleepora:

  • A customisable and adaptive digital sleeping coach.
  • It is a preventative behaviour change technology.
  • It is designed to change user behaviour related to a health issue i.e. a sleeping disorder rather than a general healthy lifestyle advice app.
  • It is marketed as an app for aiding with good sleep habits.
  • We will be doing a feasibility study with NHS patients on the efficacy of Sleepora.
Sleepora - Sleep Better


You will be part of a Patients Advisory Group. Your role will be to give honest and constructive feedback on areas such as:

• Clarity of message within the app
• Ease of navigation around the app
• Which things you think are missing from the app
• Which things you think are not that necessary
• Generally, ways in which you think the app (and perhaps even the study) can be improved to benefit patients.

In essence your role is to give the patients’ perspective to the development of the programme focusing on helping to alleviate the symptoms of insomnia. The goal is to develop an enhanced programme and put that programme through a feasibility study.

Project Duration

There will be some preliminary meetings however pending the full funding the project is due to begin 1st October 2021.


You will need :

  • to maintain confidentiality
  • to take a wide view of patients’ issues
  • have the ability to express your views confidently at meetings attended by a range of professionals and/or other PPI Contributors
  • a willingness to listen to, and consider, different views

What you will gain?

  • An opportunity to influence world class research
  • The satisfaction of making a contribution and helping to improve health services
  • An insight into how health care research is carried out
  • Learn about the growth area of digital health
  • Learn about new technologies such as artificial intelligence
  • Perhaps learn more information about your own condition or that of someone you care for

What we’d like from you?

We are grateful for all of your input. The following are some of the attributes we hope you can contribute:

  • the ability to keep asking questions until you get enough information or an explanation to understand fully what people are talking about
  • an ability to challenge current thinking in ways that are both creative and supportive
  • the commitment to attend meetings as agreed
  • the commitment to prepare for meetings by reading information, which will normally be sent to you 6 weeks in advance
  • to give and maintain a firm commitment to keep our research confidential and to maintain confidentiality about all aspects of meetings attended

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