The Psychological side of sleep

Sleep PsychologyIt’s important not to worry about sleeping better.  As with many things in life, the more you worry about sleep and wanting to sleep better the more your mind will dwell on the negatives of not getting enough sleep.  It’s also important to remember that too much sleep can cause you to be groggy.  It’s important not to let the idea that you are not getting enough sleep overcome the reality.  A positive mind set can go a long way.

Stress is a very common cause of sleep trouble.  Most stress comes from worry or being overly concerned and paranoid about situations in daily life.  If this is the case this could be the root of the sleep issues.  Taking steps to try to reduce your stress levels at work or in life will also help to improve sleep.  Reducing work load, delegating tasks, and ensuring that you get enough time out from work as well as winding down each evening and distracting the mind from work or the stress inducing activity will help relaxation and sleep.