If your baby sleeps better, you should sleep better

If you are being woken by your child on a regular basis it can be debilitating and affect your sleep patterns and ability to fall back asleep once awoken.  If your baby is over six months he/she should be waking less often.  It’s not unusual for babies and young children to wake up once or twice a night, so it’s important to try to teach them to self soothe so that when they wake up they don’t disturb you and instead teach themselves to fall back asleep.  As with adults, babies and young children benefit from a regular sleep routine.

A warm bath perhaps followed by a light reading session and then a bottle of warm milk in the cot should help in most cases.  Also, avoid creating expectations such as letting your baby fall asleep in your arms.  It’s important to get them used to going into the cot and self-soothing so they sleep on their own.  In the early days you may have to go against all your emotions and let your baby cry for progressively longer periods so they learn to self soothe.  It’s one of those cases where it seems cruel, but will be kind and have benefits in the long run.