Sleepora Can Help Women Overcome Insomnia


These days sleep deprivation is getting more attention as people find out more about its long term consequences (according to Dr Charles Morin, a sleep researcher and Professor).  Anyone, of any age or sex, can suffer from sleep problems – however women are more likely than men to suffer from this.

Based on the work of the Society for Women’s Health Research women are 40% more likely to report insomnia than men and in general sleep problems plague women more than men. There are many reasons behind this, however fortunately there is now one holistic solution.

It’s probably best to clarify what are the main symptoms of insomnia to have an idea if you have it. There are four main symptoms associated with insomnia, difficulty falling asleep is only one of them. The others include waking up too early and not being able to fall back asleep, frequent awakenings, and waking up feeling unrefreshed. The main reasons are hormonal (ie. menstrual cycle, pregnancy and menopausal). Add in factors from careers, to children, to social and family events, life comes first and sleep comes last.
As a woman reading this you will directly experience one of these three hormonal areas.  Here’s how the Sleepora is designed to specifically help in these areas to help improve sleep.


How Sleepora Specifically Helps Women Sleep Better

How Sleepora Helps Women Sleep Better

According to Dr Michael J. Twery (National Center on Sleep Disorders) sleep deprivation increases the risk of a number of health conditions. These include strokes, heart disease, hypertension and obesity.

More than 50% of the root cause of why people suffer from insomnia is stress and anxiety related. Sleepora directly tackles this.

Effects Of Stress

Understanding how hormonal changes can affect sleep patterns is the first step in helping women to minimize their sometimes negative impact on their sleep patterns.

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Menstrual cycle



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The fluctuation of hormones (mainly oestrogen and progesterone) are the main reason why women are more likely to suffer from insomnia than men. That being said Sleepora can help in the main three areas of hormonal change be that the menstrual cycle, during pregnancy and pre and post the menopause.

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