Sleepora Elite Sports Offer

Firstly thank you for taking the time to read this offer.

As mentioned on the previous page this offer is totally free from you (if you are an elite athlete or linked to an elite sports organisation).

This offer may seem too good to be true. You may be wondering why we are allowing you to have Sleepora for free. Well it’s very simple. We want to establish Sleepora elite sporting program as the no.1 leader in elite sleep/recovery performance. There is no better way for us to do this than for it to work for elite athletes globally (across many disciplines). From the extensive beta testing that we have done and the great feedback since our launch we are confident enough in Sleepora to give it away to chosen elite athletes for free.

You get the benefit of increased performance and our credibility amongst the wider sporting world will grow. Hopefully you’ll agree that’s mutually beneficial.

The process to obtain Sleepora is very simple:

Sleepora Elite Sports Offer

If you have heard about this offer directly from Anthony Barrett you have the choice of either

1)      Contacting Anthony back and letting him know you are interested in using Sleepora (for free) to improve your quality and (if applicable) quantity of sleep

2)      Contact us using the form below to find out how to get the Sleepora high sport performance program

If you want any more information on Sleepora you’ll find lots about the program on the Sleepora website. You’ll find useful details on the background to Sleepora, its underlying principles, how it works and many other FAQs.  Scroll down this page to see the walk-through video of Sleepora.

Sleepora is a unique program designed to help people to RELAX , REDUCE ANXIETY, STRESS AND SLEEP BETTER.
This video provides a simple walk through of the app program.