What Is Enough Sleep

What Is Enough Sleep?

What Is Enough Sleep

Although you may not always feel rested and energetic, you are probably getting more sleep than you think. The most important thing about sleep is quality not quantity.

A good question to ask yourself is do you find yourself easily falling asleep/dozing during the day? If the answer is yes, then you may not be getting enough sleep. If the answer is no (and the odd doze in the passenger seat of the car or in front of the TV on a lazy day doesn’t  count!), it’s probably not too bad and you can try some simple things to improve the situation.

The body tends to give us signs if we are not coping with a regular day. In other words, if you really struggle to stay awake during the day then you may not be getting enough sleep.

The way the body (and sleep) works is that we need 90 min cycles. Each cycle follows a pattern includes deep sleep (or Slow Wave Sleep), Rapid Eye Movement (a time when we do most of our dreaming) and light sleep.

Due to these hour an a half cycles, even if you only manage to get 4 hours of sleep this can be enough sleep for your brain to gain the appropriate benefits needed from sleep to function relatively normally during the day.

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