Can’t Sleep | Struggling To Sleep? There Is A Solution

ELIMINATE YOUR SLEEP PROBLEMS & FEEL THE BENEFITS Improve sleep – without  medication Drift off to sleep naturally Regular, restful nights Get back into balance with your natural sleep cycle Stress, tension, and anxiety reduction Help to boost the immune system Improved concentration & memory levels Relax quicker, deeper & more easily    BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY There are more and more medical staff within the UKs National Health Service who can see the benefits of NLP within health. Be that directly with patients or indirectly by medical staff being able to better communication their messages […]

Brainwave Levels: BETA | ALPHA | THETA | DELTA

   Levels of Consciousness Beta, Alpha , Theta, Delta Waves For a good sleeper their brainwave activity naturally changes throughout the day.  From when they wake up their brain wave activity increases and in the evening /night their brainwave activity drops until they are in deep sleep and reach what is called the delta level.   The levels of consciousness (brainwave levels) that people go through during a day is impeded it may have an impact on sleep levels at night. In other words your ability to reach the level of brainwave activity for the particular tasks that you do […]