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ELIMINATE YOUR SLEEP PROBLEMS & FEEL THE BENEFITS Improve sleep – without  medication Drift off to sleep naturally Regular, restful nights Get back into balance with your natural sleep cycle Stress, tension, and anxiety reduction Help to boost the immune system Improved concentration & memory levels Relax quicker, deeper & more easily    BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY There are more and more medical staff within the UKs National Health Service who can see the benefits of NLP within health. Be that directly with patients or indirectly by medical staff being able to better communication their messages […]

App Program Benefits

Overall Benefits of Using The Sleepora Program        Following the techniques in this program and regularly applying action to the theory has been found to benefit people in the following ways: 1.  Improved sleep cycle – without sleeping pills •  Gradual and naturally being able to drift off to sleep •  Regular, deep restful sleep • Help to get back into balance with your natural sleep cycle 2. Stress, tension, and anxiety reduction.  Take more control and help to overcome the daily stresses of a fast paced modern life and manage stress constructively. 4. Research has shown that with better […]

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Sign up below and receive a free ebook Thanks for visiting the Sleepora site.  Sleepora is the new, natural and interactive way of reducing stress, anxiety and helping to eliminate insomnia.  As well as browsing the Sleepora website we’d encourage you to access the free ebook (by signing up through the form below).  The ebook will provide you with some invaluable free tips for better sleep as well the ideas, approaches and principles which underpin the Sleepora program.  With the free ebook you’ll be able to get a feel for whether the Sleepora program resonates with you and you’ll be able […]

NLP Research Evidence 2

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as a field has many techniques which are taken from well established research and studies. For example the skill and technique of Anchoring is closely based on the work of the Nobel prize winning work of Ivan Pavlov (conditional reflexing) from the early twentieth century (he won Nobel Prize in 1904). The development of these principles by Pavlov and his school helped greatly towards the building-up of a scientific theory of medicine and towards the discovery of laws governing the functioning of the organism as a whole. Regarding Sleepora specifically there the exercises and techniques are […]