Sleepora Program Overview

Get your sleep patterns back into balance    The Sleepora program has been designed to tap into your natural healer within – to get your sleep patterns back into balance.   Get more control of your sleep patterns It covers four main areas by: Giving you the tools and exercises to specifically challenge sleep problems Giving you some guidance in how a change in your behaviour during the day (not just in the period just before you go to bed) may be impacting your sleep patterns Looking at how your beliefs (including those leading to anxiety) may impact your natural […]

NLP Research Evidence 2

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as a field has many techniques which are taken from well established research and studies. For example the skill and technique of Anchoring is closely based on the work of the Nobel prize winning work of Ivan Pavlov (conditional reflexing) from the early twentieth century (he won Nobel Prize in 1904). The development of these principles by Pavlov and his school helped greatly towards the building-up of a scientific theory of medicine and towards the discovery of laws governing the functioning of the organism as a whole. Regarding Sleepora specifically there the exercises and techniques are […]