Does Regular Exercise Improve Sleep

Does Regular Exercise Improve Sleep? Yes, It’s Healthy !

Does Regular Exercise Improve Sleep? Yes, It's Healthy !We live in a world where we can do minimal natural exercise and eat lots of delicious food to our hearts content.  We no longer need to hunt for our food or battle the wild world.  As exciting as technology and improvements to modern human life are, they are not necessarily good for your body.  Sitting at desks and staring at computers for long periods a day can be productive in one sense, but it minimizes how active we are.

Therefore, it’s important to balance this with exercise so your body gets a work out as well as your mind.  We wouldn’t want to end up like the future human’s in Pixar’s Wall-E where they can’t even get out of their floating chairs!

Exercising to your ability on a regular basis is generally good for you and can help you sleep better.  It can also help build up your energy levels as the fitter and more active you are generally the better you will feel doing day to day activities.  It’s also known to help the brain function better and be more alert.

Although it’s also important to leave a good three hours or more between exercise and bedtime as the brain needs time to settle and relax from the endorphins and stimulants that are produced during exercise.

It’s also important to remember that exercise doesn’t always have to be in long running or gym sessions 4 times a week.  Shorter bursts of exercise throughout the day will also create some positive effects.  Simple things like getting of the train or bus one stop early and walking for 10 minutes, cycling to work, going for a 20 min lunchtime walk will all increase your active time during the day.

So, Does Regular Exercise Improve Sleep?  The short answer is yes, but always train within your capacity to recover.

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